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Why TruWood?

TruWood's handcrafted cutting boards and serving platters are made from sustainable wood such as camphor laurel timber. Our products are not only sustainable but also environmentally friendly. 

Each of our boards are unique in colour and character.

TruWood's antibacterial boards and serving platters are:

100% Australian made:
We support local industries and workers.

Camphor laurel wood is naturally antibacterial, making it safe and hygienic to use at home for you and your family.

Environmentally friendly:
We use locally sourced sustainable wood.

☑ Will not blunt knives:
Ensures the longevity of your knives.

Supports local crafters.

☑ Kiln Dried:
Eliminates borers and prevents timber from warping or going mouldy.

Unique in Design:
Your own personal piece.

Made to Last:
Minimise environmental waste.

Natural design to complement most kitchens
When you purchase from TruWood, you are guaranteed a quality handcrafted product that is made to last.