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How to care for your TruWood boards and platters

Caring for your TruWood cutting boards

Whether you are an avid cook, head of the family chef or just a "I like keeping it simple" type of cook, TruWood is here for you. 

Caring for your TruWood cutting boards, paddles and platters, is a very simple process. 

How to care for your TruWood board:

+ After each use (cutting or serving), wash your board with hot soapy water.

+ Allow the cutting board to fully dry before storing it away.

+ In the event your board looks dry, please oil it lightly with an edible oil such as grapeseed oil.

Here are some things we do not do with our boards:

+ Never put the cutting board in the dishwasher

+ Do not leave out in the sun

+ Do not leave boards soaking in water.

Due to the boards' natural antibacterial property, you will not need to rub salt or lemon on your TruWood board to disinfect it.