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Made from Sustainable Wood - Camphor Laurel

Camphor Laurel Tree

Each of our cutting boards are made from sustainable wood such as camphor laurel timber.

What is Camphor Laurel?

Camphor laurel (Cinnamomum camphora) is an evergreen tree which grows up to 20 metre in height. It has a large, spreading canopy and a short, stout trunk that grows up to 1.5 metres in diameter.

These trees thrive in areas of high rainfall and can grow on a wide range of soil types.

Camphor laurel has been declared an environmental weed class 3 in Queensland, and is a problem weed along riparian areas of most of Queensland and Northern New South Wales. The trees produce an invasive weed that has an ecological harmful effect on natural ecosystems within Queensland’s landscapes.

Why Camphor Laurel?

Camphor laurel is naturally anti bacterial because of the natural oils that can be found in the timber. It has been considered the most effective food preparation surface when it comes to reducing microbial growth. 

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